Lite Lunch Buffet


Individual crudité & dip in shot glasses

Fig & goat cheese crostini



Vegetable Chopped Salad (v, gf)

Lacinato kale, baby chard, baby romaine, cucumbers, cauliflower, grape tomatoes, roasted brussel sprouts, pecans and dry jack cheese with crème fraiche vinaigrette

Roast Vegetable and Rosemary Steak Board (gf)

Roast peppers, squash & asparagus composed with grilled flank steak and a walnut pesto

Five Grain Salad

Israeli couscous wheat berries, brown rice, organic white corn, organic haricot verte, chives and goat cheese in an herbed vinaigrette with grilled chicken served as an accompaniment

Bread Basket (v)

Housemade biscuits, whole grain muffins and sliced baguette, served with butter



Fees for chef, assistant chef, waitstaff are additional and will be included in a proposal after you select a menu. V (vegetarian) – VE (vegan) – GF (gluten free, but prepared in a kitchen that prepares other items with gluten)