Consider us when you want food that looks and tastes like it came from your own kitchen without any of the shopping, cooking, time, effort, and mess it might take to create it yourself.

If you’re planning an early morning business meeting or a brunch for a special occasion, we have a great variety of buffet menus, beverage bars and bacon preparation to start your day.  You can relax and sleep in while we prepare a beverage bar (mimosa*, bloody mary* or smoothies), brew the coffee and create some fantastic quiches, breakfast stratas and a wide variety of food boards (yogurt & granola, lox & bagels, and cinnamon roll selection to name a few).

*alcohol provided by client

Are you hosting a club meeting, planning a special birthday for a friend or having family over for a festive occasion? Whether it's a bridal or baby shower, a "girl's only" luncheon or hosting relatives for a milestone birthday, we can help you with an extraordinary lunch in the comfort and intimacy of your own home.  We can offer a plated service for up to 36 guests for a more formal affair, or a buffet option for up to 300 guests.

Dinner Parties
Dinner can be elaborate to match a special celebration or informal to underscore a group of good friends getting together without the hassle of having to shop, cook and clean for a night of enjoyment in your own home. We often provide a three course meal with a starter soup or salad, an entrée with a vegetable and a starch and finish with a duo of desserts (we always want to appeal to the chocolate and fruit lovers in the group). If you’d like something more elaborate, we can provide appetizers, an amuse bouche to start dinner, a seafood course, a duo entree course and a cheese course to finish the meal. Plated dinners are offered for a minimum of 10 guests and up to 36 guests. Anything above 36 guests and we suggest a buffet experience. (see parties and events for sample buffet menus)

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