French Inspired Breakfast

First Course

Fresh Berry Tumblers With Dolloped Yogurt (V, GF)



Freshly Baked Croissants (plain, almond & chocolate) (served with butter, whipped cream & fruit preserves)

Quinoa Strata with Swiss Chard

Roast Mushrooms and Aged Cheddar CheeseTart(V, GF)

Quiche Lorraine (V)

Brie & Vegetable Strata (V)

Maple Glazed Bacon (GF)

Baked Pain Perdu with Fresh Berries and Creme Fraiche(V)



Fees for chef, assistant chef, waitstaff are additional and will be included in a proposal after you select a menu. V (vegetarian) – VE (vegan) – GF (gluten free, but prepared in a kitchen that prepares other items with gluten)