Something Homemade



Keely Barrera is the chef behind Something Homemade. She found her passion for baking, cooking and party planning when she began to volunteer her talents at her children’s school to help raise money or celebrate special occasions. Parents began asking for her cookies, cakes and party planning tips... and the seed was planted. Whether it’s an intimate dinner complete with appetizers, a five course meal and a decadent dessert duo; a private cooking class for you and your friends; or a fully catered function, Keely pays attention to every detail to ensure it’s as beautiful as it is delicious.

"I love cooking! While some people garden, do yoga, or read as a form of meditation, I've found that I'm happiest when I'm in the kitchen. My experience includes countless years of looking for the "perfect" chocolate recipes to satisfy my husband's addiction; baking the best birthday cake for my sons' parties; planning the perfect menu for our monthly dinner club; or anticipating the next holiday so I would have another reason to cook for my family, friends, and neighbors. After years of my friends suggesting I should open a business, I decided to do just that. And that's when "Something Homemade" was born."



Imagine the decadent aromas of freshly baked bread, beef stew simmering, melting chocolate chips, and buttery scones fresh from the oven…the heavenly taste of rich cheesecake, succulent lobster stuffed mushrooms or the creamiest mashed potatoes. Allow Something Homemade to make this fantasy your reality - without leaving home, stepping foot in the kitchen or washing a dish!

"Everything is made from scratch. It's fresh, and we use the best ingredients available. We never use canned, bottled or processed products.  We are constantly testing recipes so we can offer the best sweet or savory morsel you've ever put in your mouth."

In the 12 years since inception, Keely and her company have evolved from offering just desserts as a pastry chef for North County Restaurants, to being a personal chef for six families at one time, to offering full service catering that includes formal, plated dinners for special occasions to cocktail parties or dinner buffets to over 400 guests for corporate functions.  Something Homemade is now a full service catering firm including servers, bartenders and kitchen staff for every function.  They prepare every dish on site to ensure your guests enjoy only fresh, delicious, homemade food.